Back Alley Productions has continually distinguished themselves as a company that is willing to step outside of the bounds of traditional theatre to produce exciting and high energy productions. Their current production, A Few Good Men, is no exception.

The play tells the story of two Marines being charged with murder.  What seems like an open and shut case ends up unraveling a web of conspiracy as the Marines legal team begins circumventing Washington politics to discover the truth.


The staging of this production is the play’s biggest success. The lighting and quick changing set rapidly transports the audience into a world of mystery and intrigue, ranging from an intense DC court room to an action filled military base in Cuba and various other locations in between. This keeps the plays momentum moving and the pacing on point in a way that is exciting and engaging to the audience.

Immediately the mood of the play is set with violent force as two Marines burst in cast in only a harsh red light. This mood continues throughout the play as the mystery unfolds.

There are currently two more shows available to catch this thought provoking piece of theatre. A Few Good Men continues through April 22 at the Mars Theatre in Lafayette Georgia. Visit for more information and to book your tickets.